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Top 5 Camcorders Under \\


Buying a great digital camcorder doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. If you just plan on using your camcorder occasionally for family vacations and special events then there are several inexpensive digital camcorders that can probably do everything you need them to and more. Here are the top digital camcorders under $400.

1. Canon ZR600 Digital Camcorder

This digital camcorder by Canon has a 25x optical and 800x digital zoom. The ZR600 has a large amount of pre-set shooting modes, a great lens, and built in digital camera with a SD/MMC slot for storing digital photos. This camcorder is great for video beginners and has enough features that more advanced camcorder users will be happy too.
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2. Sony DCR-HC36 Digital Camcorder

This digital camcorder by Sony has a 20x optical and 800x digital zoom as well as a 2.5” touch panel LCD screen. The DCR-HC36 has a professional quality Carl Zeiss lens and a variety of built in shooting modes. The infrared Super NightShot is one of the best night shots in the consumer market making this camcorder ideal for someone who will be shooting a lot of video in low light situations. Digital stills can be taken with this camcorder and saved onto a Memory Stick.
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3. Panasonic PV-GS59 Digital Camcorder

This digital camcorder by Panasonic has a 30x optical and 1000x digital zoom. In addition to a large zoom the PV-GS59 also has a zoom microphone that zooms in on the sound while you zoom into the picture. This camcorder has a 2.7” LCD screen and a MMC/SD card slot for saving digital stills taken with the camcorder.
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4. Canon ZR500 Digital Camcorder

This camcorder by Canon is the same as the ZR600, just without the digital still feature. If you don’t plan on using your digital camcorder as a digital camera as well you can save money by purchasing the ZR500 instead of the ZR600.
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5. Sony DCR-HC26 Digital Camcorder

The DCR-HC26 by Sony is the same camcorder as Sony’s DCR- HC26 with the exception of the digital camera. If you are not going to use the digital camera feature on the camcorder then the DCR-HC26 can save you money.
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