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Guide to Pocket Camcorders

Low cost, light weight pocket video cameras are all the rage.

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3D Camcorders Continue to Evolve

Wednesday March 28, 2012

Consumers have had a somewhat tepid embrace of 3D TVs but camcorder makers have steadily expanded the number of models capable of either recording in 3D or (more commonly) converting 2D into 3D inside the camcorder via software. If you're interested in a 3D camcorder, check out our brief overview here.

Panasonic's 2012 Line-up

Monday March 26, 2012

We're taking a deeper dive into Panasonic's 2012 model line-up this month with overviews posted for the VC10, V100M, V500 and V500M. Overall, a pretty solid entry into the sub-$500 end of the HD camcorder market.

(Image courtesy Panasonic)

Panasonic Goes Budget: HC-V100

Monday March 12, 2012

Not enjoying "Recovery Winter?" Have the frugal realities of the new economy still inform your purchasing decisions? Well, Panasonic has unveiled their line-up for 2012 camcorders and the first model in line for an overview is the budget-friendly VC-H100. Check it out.

(Image courtesy Panasonic)

Panasonic Prices 2012 Camcorders

Wednesday February 29, 2012

Panasonic has just announced the price points on the camcorder models they introduced at CES. Without further ado:

  • $1,199.99 for the HC-X900M
  • $599.99 for the HC-V700M
  • $549.99 for the HC-V700
  • $499.99 for the HC-V500M
  • $449.99 for the HC-V500
  • $399.99 for the HC-V100M
  • $349.99 for the HC-V100

Panasonic's entry-level high definition model, the HC-V10, has a retail price of $249.99.

And last but not least, the HX-WA2 waterproof camcorder will be available in blue or orange for $279.99.

You can learn all about Panasonic's 2012 lineup here.

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