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Top 3 Professional Camcorders


Small compact camcorders can be wonderful for filming family vacations, birthday parties and other home movies, but when you decide to start taking your movie making to a professional level you need to get a more professional camcorder. Professional camcorders will typically have larger CCD chips than their compact consumer counterparts as well as more manual controls. Here are some of the top professional camcorders on the market for independent film makers and video professionals.

1. Canon XL2 Digital Camcorder

Canon’s XL2 camcorder is a popular choice for many independent filmmakers and has been used to shoot several lower budget feature films as well as several television programs. One of the biggest features of this camcorder is its interchangeable lens, camcorder users also have the ability to shoot video at 30fps without using interlace for a true 35mm film look.
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2. JVC GR-HD1 High-Definition Digital Camcorder

For filmmakers who want to shoot their video in high-definition the JVC GR-HD1 is an excellent choice. The high-definition MiniDV camcorder has an all-glass aspherical HD camcorder lens and will record video in standard definition as well as high-definition video onto a MiniDV tape. Unlike many other professional quality camcorders the JVC HD-1 has a 3.5” LCD screen so you can watch your video in color as you record it.
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3. Sony DCR-VX2100 Digital Camcorder

The DCR-VX2100 camcorder by Sony offers users a great 3 CCD camcorder system with 530 lines of resolution. Similar to the JVC camcorder it has a glass aspherical lens and an LCD screen to view your movie while you are recording it. The DCR-VX2100 has a 12x optical zoom and a progressive shutter system for high-quality video recording.
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