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Top 4 Camcorder Tripods


A camcorder tripod is an essential accessory every camcorder owner should own. Here are some of the best camcorder tripods on the market for consumer and semi-professional camcorder users.

1. Sony VCT-D680RM Tripod

This Sony camcorder tripod will allow you to control your camcorder from a remote control on the tripod. The tripod will extend from 19-56 inches and has tilt and pan controls for easy movement. The camcorder is typically sold with its own carrying case for easy travel. This is an excellent lightweight camcorder tripod for small consumer camcorders, it may be too light for larger professional video cameras.
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2. Slik 505 QF Camcorder Tripod

This camcorder tripod by Silk is perfect for the semi-professional videographer or the consuer who is looking for a high quality tripod. This tripod has a two way fluid head for smooth camcorder movement, as well as quick release ability for when you want to be able to go handheld with your camcorder at a moments notice. This tripod will hold up to eleven pounds, making it sturdy enough to handle some larger professional quality camcorders.
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3. Manfroto 728B Camcorder Tripod

This camcorder tripod by Manfrotto has four legs for the ultimate in stability. The tripod will set up and break down quickly, and has a quick release plate for times when you want to go handheld with your camcorder at a moments notice. This is an excellent camcorder tripod for video professionals who shoot weddings and other events as well as amateur film makers.
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4. Sima SMP-1 Camcorder Monopod

For situations where you can't fit a tripod, consider bringing a monopod. This monopod by Sima is essentially a pole your camcorder sits on top of. Using a monopod in places like a crowded stadium can help stablize your shot and help you see over the heads in front of you.

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