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Video Tips

Getting the best video possible from your camcorder shouldn't be a chore. Follow these tips to learn how to set up your camcorder, get the best shot, transfer video and much more.

Pocket Camcorder Shooting Tips
An overview of some tips for shooting with a pocket camcorder, like the Flip.

Filming Fireworks: Guide to Filming Fireworks Displays
Filming fireworks displays with your camcorder can be very challenging. Learn how to optimize your camcorder to properly record fireworks.

Basic Camcorder Shooting Tips
Shooting your first video on your camcorder can be rather intimidating. Here are some easy camcorder shooting tips that can help you shoot the best camcorder video possible every time.

The Art of the Zoom
Learn how to use the zoom on your camcorder properly.

How to Conserve Camcorder Battery Power
Preserving your camcorder's battery life will help you get the most from your camcorder on the road. Here are some tips to help you extend your camcorder's recording time.

Shooting Camcorder Video in the Dark
Low light is one of the more challenging environments for filming camcorder video. Here are some tips on how to get the best footage from your camcorder when you're filming in low light.

How to White Balance Your Camcorder
To improve the quality of your video, it's useful to white balance your camcorder. This article will show you how to white balance your camcorder in just a few simple steps.

Waterproof Camcorder Shooting Tips
A how-to guide for filming video with an underwater camcorder.

Getting the Best Video of Your Children
Some basic tips on how to get the best video of your children.

Traveling With a Camcorder
What you need to know when you're traveling with a camcorder.

How to Record High Quality Audio on an HD D-SLR
HD D-SLRs take great video, but they suffer in the audio department. Here's how to fix that.

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