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Video Recording Tips

Where do you set up your camcorder? How can you create the perfect lighting for your video? Tips and advice on everything from how to record special events to how to save your camcorder's battery life.
Basic Camcorder Shooting Tips
Shooting your first video on your camcorder can be rather intimidating. Here are some easy camcorder shooting tips that can help you shoot the best camcorder video possible every time.
New Camcorder User Video Recording Tips
Once you own the new camcorder of your dreams, the next step is learning how to use it. These tips for new camcorder owners are essential tips to help turn new camcorder users into camcorder pros.
White Balance Your Camcorder
White balancing your camcorder is an important thing to do before you ever start recording video. Learn in this article how to white balance your camcorder in just a few easy steps.
How To Conserve Camcorder Battery Power
Having battery power is essential to operating your camcorder. Without a sufficiently charged battery you won't be able to operate your camcorder when you travel or are away from an AC outlet. Here are some tips to make sure you have battery power for your camcorder when you need it.
Home Video Tips: Making a Holiday Home Movie
A holiday home movie is a home video you will cherish for a lifetime. Here are some tips for making your holiday home movie one to remember.
Videotape a Wedding: Shooting a Wedding Video
Videotaping a wedding doesn't have to be a difficult task. Here are some wedding video tips to shoot a professional wedding video with your camcorder.
Filming Graduation
Recording a graduation soon? Follow these tips to make sure the event goes off perfectly.
Shooting a Spotlighted Stage
Plan on recording a school play or a band concert? Learn how to get the best quality video.
Shooting Video In the Dark
What to do when your shooting a video and there isn't much light around.
The Art Of Zoom
Learn how to use the zoom on your camcorder properly.
Calibrating a Light meter for Digital Video
This FreshDV article explains how to calibrate a light meter for digital video.
Using A Light Meter as Cinematographer
This article from FreshDV explains how to use a light meter as a Cinematogrpaher.
Get Dolly and Crane Moves from your Tripod
This video shows you how to get Dolly and Crane shots from your basic tripod.

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