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We've tested the rest, here are the best: the top camcorder models by media format, price, and technology.

Top Camcorders For Mother's Day
A camcorder might not be the very first thing you think to buy as a gift for mother's day, but if you want to stay in her good graces, you should really think again. What makes a camcorder right for mom? Well, let me admit up front that I'm not a mom. But I have one, am married to one and know a few. So on the basis of this ridiculously unscientific data pool, I will nonetheless hazard a few gues…

Best Budget Camcorders
The average shopper spends about $312 on their camcorder. While their are plenty of full-featured models above $312, many shoppers may struggle to find the best camcorder to meet a budget of $312 or below. Not to fear: there are plenty of high-quality budget camcorders to be found, including high definition

Best Flash Camcorders
Camcorders that use flash memory to store video weigh less and are more compact than models that use tapes, DVDs or hard disk drives. But just because they're small doesn't mean that flash camcorders don't pack a quality punch. You'll find flash memory used in both high-end,

Top Camcorder Models for 2009
A link to CamcorderInfo.com's list of the top HD camcorders for 2009.

Top 10 High Definition Camcorders for 2009
A link to CNET.com's take on the top 10 high definition camcorder models for 2009.

The Top Five Camcorders of 2009
A link to CNET.com's top five camcorder models.

The Top Budget Camcorders
Bestcovery.com's take on the top five inexpensive camcorders on the market.

Top Camcorder Designs of 2009
A link to InfoSync.com's list of the top five best designed camcorders for 2009.

Best Camcorders for Web Friendly Video
Thanks to online video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, it's easier than ever to upload your camcorder videos to the Web for friends and family to enjoy. But some camcorders make the process of uploading Web videos and some, well, don't. These are the best camcorders for taking Web-friendly video. (See here for what makes a camcorder "Web friendly.") Note: these are not web cameras for video con…

Camcorders for Father's Day
What camcorder to buy dad for Father's Day.

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