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Saving & Sharing Video

The best part of recording videos is sharing them with friends and family. Learn how to share the video you capture, and how to preserve your video memories for future generations, with these articles.

Four Things Every Camcorder Owner Should Do With Their Video
From sharing to creating, these are a few things you should do with your camcorder video.

How do you archive your camcorder video?
Do you save the video from your digital camcorder? You should. Readers tell us how they do it.

How to Archive Camcorder Videos
Camcorder owners will quickly take hours of digital video. Here's how to save and store your camcorder's digital video so that future generations can enjoy it.

How to Share High Definition Camcorder Video
High definition camcorder video reproduces beautifully on a large HDTV, but it can be difficult to send to friends and family over the Internet. This article provides several tips on how to let others enjoy your HD camcorder video.

Video Sharing Web Sites
Here you'll find a number of different video sharing web sites available for uploading and sharing your camcorder videos.

Guide to DVD Burning
Saving your camcorder video to DVD disks is a useful way to store that footage for the long term. This guide provides important tips on the types of disks you'll need and how to save video footage to them.

Video Blogging
Learn all about video blogging and how to share you camcorder video clips online.

Before You Buy Video Editing Software
Though most camcorders will include video editing software in the box, you might need a more powerful software package to edit, manage and save your camcorder footage. Here are things you'll need to keep in mind before purchasing video editing software for your camcorder.

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