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Samsung SC-D365 MiniDV Camcorder Review

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The Samsung SC-D365 is the second in line in Samsung’s MiniDV camcorder line one step up from the SC-D363 and a step behind the SC-D963. The camcorder is lightweight and easy to operate making it a consideration for those looking for an inexpensive point-and-shoot digital camcorder.

Samsung SC-D365 Zoom

The SC-D365 has a 33x optical zoom and a 1200x digital zoom.

Samsung SC-D365 Video Performance

The Samsung SC-D365 has a 1/6” CCD with 680k gross pixels. Much like the SC-D363 the picture quality treads on that of VHS. The colors appear washed out and the video doesn’t have the clarity you usually find in digital video.

Samsung SC-D365 Photo Mode

The SC-D365 captures still at a 800x600 resolution onto a SD, MMC or MemoryStick card. The photos are not large enough to print out, but could be used for some very small photographs for the web.

Samsung SC-D365 Handling

The Samsung SC-D365 is easy to hold and is a good size to carry on the go. The camcorder is small enough it could fit in a pocket, but large enough that you feel like you have something in your hand when you’re recording something.

One issue I have with the SC-D365 is that the menu button is located right next to the record button. The whole menu process takes two hands and in my opinion you could not successfully navigate the menu and change a setting while the camcorder was recording.

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