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Top Digital Camcorders By Price Range


If you are thinking of purchasing a digital camcorder, price is more than likely a factor. Digital camcorders range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. The less expensive camcorders are typically designed with consumers, and home users in mind, while the more expensive models are designed for video professionals.

Top Digital Camcorders Under $400

If you only have $400 to spend on a camcorder, you can still get an excellent camcorder. These camcorders are designed primarily for new camcorder users, and those who want to use their camcorder occasionally for family vacations and special events. Many of the models have built-in digital cameras for taking still photographs, but the resolution of the photos is not very good.

Top Camcorders Under $600

When you step up to a $600 price tag, you have may more camcorder options available to you. Digital camcorders in this price range typically have more features, and larger CCD’s for a better image quality. This list contains a 3CCD camcorder model, as well as DVD and hard drive models.

Top Camcorders Under $1000

Camcorders in the $1000 price range are typically designed for consumers who want to get a lot of use out of their camcorder. These camcorder models are not only great for filming family events, they also offer semi-professional video quality, making them ideal for independent films and small video projects.

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