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Top 4 Camcorders For Kids


If you plan on purchasing a camcorder for your child one important thing to consider is ease of use. Most children will want a standard point-and-shoot camcorder that they can then easily watch on their television. While camcorders with tons of features can be great for adults, all the additional features can confuse children and make the camcorder difficult to use. Here are some of the top camcorders for children twelve and under, for teens read Top Camcorders For Teens.

1. Aiptek PKDV58-CS Digital Camcorder

The Aiptek PKDV58 camcorder can satisfy your child’s desire for a camcorder without breaking your wallet. The camcorder records VHS quality mpeg-4 video digitally onto a SD memory card and will also take 3 megapixel still photos that your child can print out. The camcorder only has a digital zoom, and no low light mode, so you may run into problems in some recording situations.
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2. JVC VHS-C Camcorder (GRAXM18US)

I usually recommend against buying a VHS-C camcorder, but for younger children they can be excellent first camcorders. When your child is done recording their movie they can take the tape out of the camcorder, put it in an adapted, and immediately watch what they just recorded. This camcorder has some zoom and special effect capabilities but keeps most menus to a minimum, making them easy to navigate for children.
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3. Canon ZR500 Digital Camcorder

The ZR500 is the low end of Canon’s camcorder line but is consistently rated high for image quality and ease of use. This camcorder can be great for not only your child, but you as well. The camcorder has several built-in special effects and firewire so it can be easily connected to your computer for video editing.
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4. Sony DCR-DVD7

This small DVD camcorder is easy for children to carry around and offers them the ability to watch their video in a DVD player right after they shoot it. The DCR-DVD7 has some basic built-in editing features, so your child can edit their video without ever using a computer.

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