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Top 4 DVD Camcorders


DVD camcorders have made it possible to record your home movies onto a DVD disc that can be immediately played back in your DVD player. There are lots of great DVD camcorders out on the consumer market today to choose from. Here are some of the top DVD camcorders:

1. Sony DVD Camcorder: DCR-DVD405

This Sony DVD camcorder has a 1/3” HAD CCD, and a professional quality Carl Zeiss lens built in. The DCR-DVD405 has several built in shooting modes, including a Super NightShot which uses infrared technology to shoot video in low-light situations. This DVD camcorder will also record Dolby Digital 5.1 Sound and take 3.0 megapixel still photographs.
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2. Canon DVD Camcorder: DC100

This Canon DVD camcorder has a 1/6” CCD and a 25x optical and 1000x digital zoom. Canons DIGIC DV image processor enhances the color and clarity of your image giving you the best video possible. The 2.7” LCD screen on this Canon DVD camcorder make it possible for you to shoot a great video without feeling like your trapped behind the camera.
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3. Panasonic DVD Camcorder: VDR-M53

This Panasonic DVD camcorder has a 1/6” CCD and a 24x optical zoom. The camcorder can record stills onto a multimedia or secure digital card rather than onto the DVD. While the image quality from the Panasonic VDR-M53 is not as good as its competition, it is one of the most reasonably priced DVD camcorders on the market.
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4. Sony DVD Camcorder:DCR-DVD505

This Sony DVD camcorder has some of the same features as the DVD 405 except Sony improves upon them slightly in this model. This DVD camcorder can record better quality video than Sonys DVD405 and take 3.0 megapixel photographs simultaneously. The DVD505 has a 3.5” LCD instead of the 2.7” LCD in Sonys DVD405.
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