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Top 3 Camcorders for Teenagers


Camcorders can make great gifts for teenagers. If you are purchasing a camcorder for your teenager you want to make sure to select a camcorder that will be easy for them to use and reasonably easy on your budget. Digital camcorders in particular are great camcorders for teenagers because along with shooting their own video they can also edit their video on your home computer and make DVDs for friends and family members. Here are some of the top camcorders for teenagers.

1. Canon ZR600 Digital Camcorder

Canon camcorders historically have had great lenses and excellent image quality. This digital camcorder is a great camcorder for teens particularly for its pre-set shooting modes. Your teenager can choose between portrait, sports, night, sunset, beach, and spotlight for their video as well as regular automatic shooting. This camcorder has a digital camera built in as well so in addition to shooting videos your teenagers will be able to take digital photos.
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2. Sony DCR-H26 Digital Camcorder

If your teenager will be shooting a lot of video at night then this Sony camcorder can be a great pick. This camcorder has NightShot Plus, an infrared system that allows you to shoot color video in the darkest of conditions. This particular Sony camcorder can also be connected to a computer and used as a webcam, and has several built in on camera editing features like fades and black and white.
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3. Panasonic GS39 Digital Camcorder

This digital camcorder has one of the largest zooms in its price range with 30 xs optical and 1000x digital zoom capabilities. In addition to having a great image zoom, this digital camcorder also has a zoom microphone so as you zoom in on a particular image you will also zoom in on the sound. Built in firewire capabilities make it easy to connect this camcorder to your computer for video editing or your DVD recorder for making video copies.
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