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Top 7 Camcorder Recommendations


Finding the right digital camcorder can be pretty diffficult. Here are some lists of the best digital camcorders around to help make your camcorder buying experience a little easier.

1. Top Camcorders Under $400

Getting a great digital camcorder doesn't have to cost a lot of money. This list of digital camcorders contains the best digital camcorders on the market today for under $400. There are several different camcorders on the list many with most of the same features you will find on higher end camcorder models.

2. Top Camcorders For Teenagers

Shopping for a teenager is always a difficult task.Camcorders can make great gifts for teenagers. If you are purchasing a camcorder for your teenager you want to make sure to select a camcorder that will be easy for them to use and reasonably easy on your budget. This list has some of the best camcorders for teenagers that will make both you and your teen happy.

3. Top DVD Camcorders

DVD camcorders have become very popular consumer camcorders. DVD camcorders record directly onto a small DVD that can then be immediatly played back in your DVD player.

4. Top High-Definition Camcorders

High-definition camcorders are not just for the pros. There are several good high-definition camcorders designed with consumers in mind. Here are some of the best consumer high-definition camcorders.

5. Top MiniDV Camcorders

MiniDV is the most popular format for digital camcorders. MiniDV camcorders have up to 530 lines of resolution, and can be easily connected to a computer via firewire for video editing. Here are some of the top MiniDV camcorders.

6. Top Camcorders For Kids

Camcorders can make great gifts for children. Children usually need camcorders that are easy to operate, and parents usually want those camcorders to be inexpensive in case they are lost or broken. If you need help finding a camcorder for your child, here are the top camcorders for kids.

7. Top Hard Drive Camcorders

Hard drive camcorders are quickly gaining in popularity in the camcorder market. Unlike other digital camcorders that are limited by the length of their tape or DVD, hard drive camcorders allow users to record continuously until they fill up their hard drive, some reaching records times in excess of twenty hours. Here are some of the best hard drive camcorders available for consumers.

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