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Top 7 Books on Digital Video Production


A good book on digital video can give you some excellent tips on how to use your digital camcorder and help you create excellent videos every time you shoot. There are quite a few books on camcorders and digital video production on the market today. Each book usually gives readers a different look at the subject of video production, and can offer users unique tips for shooting and creating great video projects. Here are some of the best digital video books available.

1. The Videomaker Guide to Digital Video and DVD Production

The Videomaker Guide to Video and DVD Production is a how-to book by the editors of Videomaker magazine. The book gives beginners step-by-step instructions on how to shoot great videos as well as provides information of things like streaming video to the web and authoring CDs and DVDs.
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2. Motion Picture and Video Lighting

Creating the proper lighting for your video or short films is one of the most difficult tasks you'll encounter. Motion Picture and Video Lighting is written by a lighting professional about lighting different situations. The book contains tons of photos and diagrams to help you set up your lighting in the best way possible for your video.
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3. CNET Do-it-Yourself Video Projects

This book by CNET gives users a crash course in recording their own video. The book offers suggestions on several different video projects for the video enthusiast or new camcorder owner.
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4. Making Documentary Films and Videos

Thinking about shooting your own documentary? Making Documentary Films and Videos takes you through the documentary making process and offers tips and tricks for creating the best documentary possible on your subject.
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5. Before You Shoot

This book is designed for people who are making their video or short movie with little or no budget. The book offers suggestions and tips for recording great video without spending a large amount of money.
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6. Making Music Videos

Making Music Videos takes an in-depth look at the world of music video. The book talks with several important industry professionals and offers tips on how to create your own professional looking music videos.
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7. Podcasting for Profit

Podcasts cannot only be fun, they can also be a way to make extra cash. Podcasting for profit takes a look at the world of podcasting and offers tips for creating profitable podcasts.

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