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What to Consider When Buying a Digital Camcorder - Camcorders
What you need to know before purchasing a digital camcorder. ... Read the Pocket Camcorder Buying Guide · Read our picks for the Best Pocket Camcorders in ...
HD Camcorders: Beginner's Guide to HD Camcorders
What you need to know about high definition camcorders before you buy. ... See this Guide to Camcorder Memory Formats for more details on the various ...
Camcorders vs. Cameras: Both Take Video, Which Do You Need?
You can now purchase still cameras, even digital SLRs, that boast high definition ... To learn about camcorder bit rates, please see The Beginners Guide to ...
Considerations Before Buying a Camcorder
Before you buy a video camera, read this article. ... They're designed to help you figure out how to buy a camcorder that's perfect for your needs. Consider Your ...
Buying A Camcorder - Home Theater - About.com
Buying A Camcorder - A Basic Introduction - Avoid Camcorder Shopping Mistakes. Here are some basic tips that will help you avoid making the wrong decision ...
Guide to Camcorder Features - Camcorders - About.com
An overview of the various features you'll find in a digital camcorder. ... Buying Guide · HD Camcorder Buying Guide · Pocket Camcorder Buying Guide ...
Guide to Camcorder Tripods - Camcorders - About.com
What you need to know before buying a tripod for your camcorder.
Guide to Camcorder Video File Formats - Camcorders - About.com
This article explains the various camcorder file formats and the pros and cons of each. ... Guide to Camcorder Memory Formats · HD Camcorder Buying Guide.
Guide to Flash Camcorders - About.com
They're lightweight, compact and the future of camcorder technology. ... A camcorder can record to flash memory in one of two ways. First, the ... Buying Guide.
Guide to Camcorder Lenses - Camcorders - About.com
There are two basic types of camcorder lenses: those that are built-into a camcorder and accessory lenses that you can buy after the fact and attach to your  ...
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