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Analog Camcorder Formats - Camcorders - About.com
8mm camcorders record at around the same quality as a standard VHS camcorder at 230 lines of resolution. 8mm camcorders have a better sound quality than ...
Digital Camcorder Memory Formats - Camcorders - About.com
Digital 8 is an 8mm style tape used only by Sony. Mini DV records video to small cassettes. While you'll find both formats on the market, camcorder ...
Top MiniDV Camcorders - About.com
MiniDV camcorders still remain one of the top digital camcorder formats on the market. If you're ... MiniDV vs Digtial8 · The 8mm/VHS Adapter - Real or Myth?
Transfer Old 8mm and Hi8 Video Tapes to DVD or VHS
One of the most common questions I get is: "How do I play and transfer my old 8mm or Hi8 video tapes to VHS or DVD if I don't have the camcorder any more?".
Where Is the 8mm/VHS Adapter? - Playback Tips - Home Theater
You have an 8mm/Hi8 or miniDV tape. You want to watch it, but you don't want to hook up those darn cables from your camcorder to your TV. So, in a burst of ...
Overview of Analog and Digital Camcorder Formats for Consumers
... is right for you? Here is an overview of the Camcorder formats currently for the consumer. ... Regular 8mm camcorders connot play recorded HI8 tapes. 2.
MiniDV vs Digtial8 - Comparison of Camcorder Formats
If you are current owner of a Hi8 or 8mm camcorder, upgrading to Digital8 might be the option for you. Digital8 is a hybrid system that not only allows digital ...
What are the Analog Camcorder Formats? - Digital Video Recording
Sony, not to be outdone by rival JVC, introduced its own alternative to the VHS camcorder, the 8mm Handycam, back in the mid-1980's. 8mm was similar to VHS  ...
Preserve those old 8mm film home movies
I get a lot questions on how to convert old 8mm Film home movies (not to be ... You need a camcorder that has variable exposure and shutter speed control. Ads .
Can I copy video from my Camcorder to a DVD Recorder?
Many consumers buy a DVD recorder to primarily make copies of camcorder videos. ... To transfer your 8mm/Hi8/miniDV/Digital8 tape to a DVD Recorder, just  ...
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